Wednesday 25 June 2014

VW Golf Mk6 Diesel Air-Conditioning Pump Replacement

Hi All,

One of my cars is a 2009 VW Golf Mk6 1.6 TDI and the air conditioning has never worked. Basically, after a little Googling around it is usually the Air-Con Compressor that fails.

The Bad Compressor

Hmmm, removing the under-tray and shoving my mobile phone under the car, gave me the picture above; the compressor is manufactured by Delphi and has a 5N0 820 803 A part number.

OK, look on eBay and there are quite literally hundreds to choose from with greatly varying prices from £50 up to £500 for a brand new one. Now, if you look carefully at the pictures of the different types of compressors for sale, you can notice that they all look remarkably similar but have different part numbers and prices! (Incidentally this is also true for other items like the alternator too)

So looking at a specialist web-site SINSPEED, one can see that these air con compressors have a LOT of part numbers.

To prove the point, I bought a used compressor off a 2013 Audi Q3 8U 2.0 Litre from Charles Trent Ltd (who got my compressor to my doorstep within a day - excellent!).

1st job is a trip to Kwik Fit who will empty the gas out for free - nice. 2nd job is to swap the compressors, this is a bit of a tight squeeze and probably needs two of you to do it. Here are the two compressors side-by-side:

The 2 Compressors - Bad on Left
Incidentally, there are a number of reasons why these compressors fail, mine was due to the centre screw on the pulley becoming loose and damaging the clutch mechanism. Trust me to have something with a revision A in its part number!

Swapping took about three hours including tea-breaks. Bonnet down and back to Kwik Fit who, for a reasonable £49.00 will vacuum down the system, add compressor oil, add tell-tail dye (in case there's ever a leak) and re-fill it.

Hoses Connected

The Re-filling Machine
Vacing took about 20 minutes and re-filling took another 15 minutes.

Does it work? Of course it does!

Friday 13 June 2014

ECUFix - has had a few extra binaries added v.!

ECUFix - has had a few extra binaries added v.!

Download it from HERE.

Once you install the above program, you will have to install a new license key; please email me if you need one....